Drupal Mountain Camp 2017

In order to keep our team sharp, we participate in Drupal camps and events whenever we can. Drupal Mountaincamp in Davos (Switzerland) has been our latest adventure. 


Docker workshop

During the first day of the conference we attended a workshop covering docker. At nascom we are converting our current plesk based cloud stack to a docker based system. This workshop gave us the opportunity to learn the basic features and commands. Afterwards we had some in depth docker discussions with key players from the Drupal community.


On Friday and Saturday, we attended a few sessions covering topics such as caching, configuration management, ElasticSearch and nodeJS. We focused on sessions that covered some of the problems we encountered during the development of our brand new Drupal 8 sites.



We spent a lot of time in the sprint rooms. Brecht Ceyssens worked primarily on his module imagick. He managed to release a stable version for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Bram Goffings on the other hand focused on Display Suite. At the end of the week enough progress was made to ensure that Display Suite could run on the newest Drupal 8 version that will be released in april 2017. Mission accomplished!



During the conference we met old friend and saw new faces. New companies were discovered and lot's of interesting discussions were happening between sessions.

Social activities

Mountaincamp had an excellent social activities program. On Thursdaynight we went ice skating. Friday we rented a sled and had some fun sledding in the dark. And on Saturday we had the opportunity to attend an ice hockey match between Davos and Zurich, the perfect way to end this well-organized camp.