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Alles over seks

Sensoa runs an online platform for young people (aged 15 - 25) who have questions related to sex. 

Sensoa runs an online platform for young people (aged 15 - 25) who have questions related to sex. They wanted us to re-invent their existing platform. We transformed it into a modern, fresh-looking space, where the aimed target group can easily find what they are looking for. The platform is very easy-to-use, on both front- and back-end side.

About Sensoa

Sensoa is the Flemish expert center for sexual health. They are focused on preventing the risks that come with (unsafe) sexual conduct. Several years ago, Sensoa set up an online platform, aimed at answering sex-related questions coming from their target audience (15 to 25-year-olds).

What did we do?

Their previous platform was in need of an update so we were asked to modernize it. We revamped it into a newer, fresher and much more user-friendly version.

Of course, we kept everything that worked well in the older version of the platform. The search section e.g. was one of the strengths we maintained and placed very prominently in the search bar on the right-hand side. The forum offers youngsters an ideal medium to communicate with others and talk about sensitive subjects.

To make sure that a visitor can easily find what he or she is looking for, we had a close look at the content as well. We grouped all the available content into 7 large topics, which are easily accessible on the homepage. Extra content that deserves special attention can be placed prominently on the homepage as well, using one of 4 foreseen content blocks.

The platform was built using Drupal7.

Crawling under the skin of youngsters

Of course, we still know what it was like to be that age. Some of us still are that age. But to be sure about what the target audience really looks for in a platform like this, we went out and organized a workshop with them. We asked them what they expected of the new Sensoa platform. What were they missing in the previous website? What could be done differently to answer their questions in a better way? What did they like and want to keep?

We analyzed all the data and used it to build our wireframes. We showed the same youngsters our wireframes and early designs during a new workshop. This provided us with the direct feedback we needed to continue our design and development tracks.

Data import: POC-mode

As there was already a large amount of existing content available, this needed to be imported into the new platform. For this part, we went into POC (Proof Of Concept)-mode. On the one hand, this helped us to keep the budget under control. But it also gave the customer an overview of the amount of work he still had in front of him, by gathering and entering all the content.

Together with Sensoa’s webmaster, we investigated how the existing content is inserted into the system. We then developed an import script to transfer the data and added some extra's (e.g. automatic conversion of existing links, etc…).

We succeeded in simplifying the transition of content from the old to the new website and made it look good on top of everything. Feel free to have a look at it yourself.