Webdesign & development

Sweco Belgium

Since recently we've had the opportunity to add Sweco to our client portfolio. We were elected as a partner for the design and development of their new jobsite, for which user-friendliness was a key factor.

About Sweco

Sweco is a leading engineering-, advice-, and design office in Europe. With over 14,500 employees in 70 countries Sweco strives to be an added value to their customers through close cooperation.

They shape the cities and communities of tomorrow. No matter what challenges their customers face, they can always count on Sweco to provide a fitting solution for infrastructure, buildings, industry, energy, etc.

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Sweco's request

Sweco requested Nascom's aid because their existing website wasn't as user-friendly and straightforward to use as they had hoped. We developed an entirely new jobsite in Sweco's corporate style where user-friendliness is key.

The new website is structured logically and intuitively, with the purpose of creating a lasting impression to increase the amount of job applicants. 

Our work consisted of:

  • determining the general site layout
  • creating page models
  • providing a connection between our application and Sweco's Talentlink API to import vacancies
  • providing an additional layer on the new website to enrich vacancies with tags and images

Our client was responsible for delivering all icons and images, and managed the content migration themselves.

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The challenge and Nascom's result

To make sure we remained true to Sweco's style, we used an existing styleguide. This styleguide contained a great amount of reusable elements, but not everything we required. Nascom expanded Sweco's styleguide with additional elements that conform to Sweco's guidelines.

All vacancies found on the Sweco job site are automatically synchronised by Talentlink's API. Once they are synced, editors can enrich these vacancies with additional content, tags, and images.

A wizard is available for users to search in Sweco's entire vacancy database. After answering a couple of simple questions, users are presented with a list of vacancies that are relevant to their answers.