Kreon provides state-of-the-art lighting design solutions, that fit within modern day architecture. The primary target group of the platform consists of architects, construction managers and other business profiles.

From requirements to interactive wireframes

We started with listing the stakeholders and optimizing the content for these users through the creation of custom product finders and configurators that typically are utilized by this kind of power users.

All phases of the project were poured in interactive wireframes and leaned close to the design guidelines Kreon was already using for its brochures and other branded content. This allowed everyone involved to get an idea of the look & feel, even before diving into pixel perfect design.

Kreon story image 1

For Kreon, design is not about adding the last detail, but removing it.

Web design that represents the minimalistic beauty of Kreon’s products is - just like their product design - the result of an exercise in removing, rather than adding details.

The minimalistic color palette, but advanced features of the website provide an elegant User Experience. The design leaves room to inspire, rather than to merely inform.

Kreon story image 2

Ceiling solutions

Kreon's ceiling solutions have experienced an enormous boost over the past couple of years. They create and design ceiling systems that give every space its own unique personality. Kreon's systems offer full integration of all building service systems: acoustic solutions, lighting, ventilation, climate control and audio. 

This meant it was high time to rework this part of their website. Nascom took care of the visual and technical aspect of the new ceiling section. These new changes required a couple of changes to the existing Drupal setup. 

The most challenging part of this release was the conversion of an existing catalogue to a digital structure which is easily manageable by Kreon. After a few head-to-head sessions between our UX specialist and technical lead, we managed to develop a usable structure for this new section.