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We created a new look & feel and improved the User Experience for the online phone repair platform Dr. Mobile. Here’s a look behind the scenes of the creation process.

We created a new look & feel and improved the User Experience for the online phone repair platform Dr. Mobile. Here’s a look behind the scenes of the creation process.

New identity for Dr. Mobile

Dr. Mobile, a daughter of DynaGroup (Nuth, NL) is an existing online repair service for mobile phones. They fix a lot of devices each month and do this according to the highest standards in both service and quality. Dynalean, who was in charge of the project, felt it was the right time to improve both the design of the existing platform and its functional efficiency. The objective was to enhance customer satisfaction by only delivering top-notch services and give the brand a completely new identity.

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A co-creative team

We put together a team of our own people and a Project leader, Business Development manager, Functional Analyst and Content Manager from Dynalean. We all had a very clear goal in mind: come up with a fresh rebranding for Dr. Mobile. Through designing an easy-to-use online platform and enhancing the customer care service for Dr. Mobile customers and businesses using their services.

Understanding the user

We analyzed the data of their existing website to get a better understanding of their end user. Where does he come from, how does he enter the service, which actions does he take while browsing through the platform, when does he abandon the service? But also: how many users reach the end goal and actually receive their repaired device at home? We worked out multiple personas and selected the most relevant one to base our design upon.

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Improving the existing service

We laid a huge focus on UX, by making the service run smoother, more user-friendly and much faster. First up: an intake of their existing service processes (website, warehouse repairs, contact moments with the customer, transport logistics). We drafted the user journey, from the user problem right until the achieved goal. Followed by drawing the current service blueprint and identified where the customer service touch points could be improved, always with the selected persona in mind.

To improve the service even further, we also had a close look at the brand itself, its market position (who are their competitors?) and its influence on the market.

High-level flow

With the persona, analytics and service logistics in mind, we designed a high-level flow of all the steps the user will have to take on the online platform. This high-level approach required some abstraction skills, which made it easier to plan the pages that are needed and create an overview of all the user and service steps. This approach allows quick iterations and adjustments if needed. Having the client nearby is extremely important, since he knows best how his back-end service (organization and logistics) works.

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How does it look?

Based on that high-level flow, we started designing wireframes where all the content blocks were laid out. At this point, we started inputting copy to help translate our bullet points into actual copy that matched the tone of voice of the brand and conveys the correct message to the user. We designed a new logo and gave Dr. Mobile a completely new identity. Dr. Mobile is caring, friendly, easy-going and fresh. We’ve created a strong and very distinctive Dr. Mobile brand, from its logo to the way the brand interacts with its customers.

More than fixing phones

Dr. Mobile is much more than just a ‘phone fixer’. It's a complete service-oriented partner that wants to take away any concern its customers may have. It takes care of those customers, in the largest sense. This includes picking up and returning the broken device at home and sharing preventive tips.

Customer service has been given a much more prominent role, and this requires internal commitment throughout the organization. Quick Brown Foxes is guiding the Dr. Mobile content team in setting up and executing a solid content strategy.

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