User experience design

Crafting digital experiences is not only about making things look nice. We also user test our digital products, flows and interactions. We rather delight every time you use than merely visually impress just once.

We see user experience design as the first phase in a project in which we start with the functional user stories and analysis, continue with low fidelity wireframes and end with high-end pixel perfect design.

user experience

Functional analysis and user stories

Get your story straight. It doesn’t really matter what the scale of your project is, you want everybody to be on the same page. Mapping out your user stories helps with defining your scope, avoids confusion for everyone involved and reduces the effort needed to finalise your project.

Page models & wireframing

Visualising your information can be a daunting task. Pagemodels help paint a clearer picture of how your information will be presented. When trying to convey specific data wireframes bring even more details to the table.


Some projects and complex flows require a bit more thought before they can move on to greatness. Interactive prototypes are a great tool to get a better sense of how something will work and what feels right.

User testing

The true specialists on how your project will be used are your customers and colleagues. Why not let them have a say in the final product? Validate and test your prototypes on real world users and incorporate their feedback in the final specifications.