Start-up mentality for Digital news platform 1Limburg (NL)

Start-up mentality for Digital news platform 1Limburg (NL)

Media Group Limburg and L1 launched the very first digital news platform together for the province of Limburg (NL). We took care of UX and design to create a new responsive website and 2 native mobile apps. Treating this project like a start-up helped us to achieve promising results in a very short timeframe.

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Digital news platform for Limburg (NL)

The Limburgian public regional broadcasting station L1 and Media Groep Limburg (publisher of daily newspapers Dagblad De Limburger and Limburgs Dagblad) launched a new digital news platform together. This unique cooperation was baptized 1Limburg and will bring all regional news to the consumer via 2 mobile apps and a responsive website.

‘Reach, reach, reach!’ Loek Radix (CEO MGL)

It’s the first time a regional public broadcasting station and a publisher of regional daily papers join hands to spread regional news. Their objective is to become the most important news source in the region. Their main focus lies on gaining reach, and bringing trust-worthy and swift news reports to the consumer in Limburg (NL).

To reach this goal, they need a user-friendly platform that is easily accessible. That’s why the news is available both on a website and on 2 free mobile apps (iPhone and Android).

The importance of a PO

This was already the second attempt at setting up a news platform of this size. It made the client well aware of possible pitfalls and corresponding consequences. It was up to us to persuade them during a pitch and demonstrate our expertise and craftsmanshipOur Nascom team came in well-prepared. We convinced all parties involved with a solid action plan, a spot-on design and a whole lotta soul.

We strongly emphasized the necessity of a PO (Product Owner) at the client side. Appointing one dedicated person to watch over the product was a must-have to let this project run smoothly and on track. At our side, we appointed a PPO (Proxy Product Owner) to follow up closely.

Treat me like a start-up

We made a real difference by adopting the mindset of a start-up, and shaping the process as we went along. For this to succeed, the client was asked to take a leap of faith, and trust us in believing that we could do this in a very short timeframe. Our approach and expertise in the field backed us up, and they fell for our deciveness to take this project to the next level.

Attributing autonomy in the decision-making process to the PO at client side was something we worked very hard for. And it really paid off in the end.

What did we do?

We took care of UX and design. The design we presented during the pitch was already spot on, giving us the confidence to continue in the same style. Since the website was going to be driven by content, we gave it a dominant role and worked out a minimal design.

Because the content would be visible on multiple channels, they had to belong to one family through a very recognizable style.

To develop the mobile apps, we partnered up with iCapps, who took care of developing the mobile phone apps. Aside from the website and mobile apps, we also developed a technically durable architecture with disclosure to all touchpoints via a performant API.


Make love not war, agile phased approach

Our approach was very clear from the start. We were convinced of the need for a PO at client side. We’ve explained the importance of a PO in previous articles and cases so feel free to have a look there.

1Limburg was quite comfortable working in an agile manner, and installed a war room in their offices. Our people regularly worked there to be nearby and facilitate frequent face-to-face meetings with the team. The client liked this agile way of working and also the transparent and well-structured organisation of the project.

Website of the year

The web platform was officially opened by Governor Theo Bovens during an official event. Which is quite unique for an online application. The website was also nominated as website of the year in the Netherlands. 

The entire team is very proud of what we achieved together. And the numbers are very promising as well. After 3 weeks the website received 445,000 unique visitors and counted 3 million page views in total. The mobile apps were downloaded 50,600 times.

Learn and improve

To close the first release, we organized a project retrospective meeting. The goal of this session was to let the entire 1Limburg team look back upon the working process, the events and the delivered quality, all in the name of learning and improving as a team.

It was a very good meeting with some 20 people present. They were divided in small groups and invited to openly discuss the past few weeks on different levels. Every group presented their findings at the end of the session.

We’re looking forward to continuously improve the platform, together with both 1Limburg and their readers.