Digital service design for new CM website

Digital service design for new CM website
  • Wireframe and design
    Wireframe and design Wireframe and design
  • silos versus API
    silos versus API silos versus API
  • touch point analysis
    touch point analysis touch point analysis
  • new CM home screen
    new CM home screen new CM home screen
  • new CM detail page and navigation
    new CM detail page and navigation new CM detail page and navigation
  • improved login form
    improved login form improved login form
  • better finding information
    better finding information better finding information

CM is Belgium’s largest mutuality and their new website is more than dressing up an old lady. The site is an integral part of a newly developed digital strategy.

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Digital strategy

The most common mistake businesses make as they embark on a digital strategy is to start by thinking about the technology. With Nascom’s help, CM did not fall into this trap and together we defined the online growth path from a basic mutuality to a mutual healthcare service fund.

Based on a typical service design discovery approach with a series of workshops and discussion sessions, we translated the CM’s general strategy into concrete objectives and a digital program with various projects including a new website and a new application architecture.

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A visual platform

The new website now serves as a central hub for all digital communication based on three horizontal pillars: health related information, diseases and treatments, services and advantages.

Nascom designed the complete user experience (UX) and included the usual suspects such as information architecture and design. Did we face challenges? Obviously, translating all region related issues into an improved user experience has been proven to be a though one. But in the end, the smooth collaboration between Nascom consultants, CM staff and the external Tridion developers resulted in a more visual platform with more content and optimal user delight.


Within the digital strategy of CM, front-end applications are a crucial one-to-one interaction between the organization and the end-user. The applications allow users to find CM offices in their neighborhood, find caretakers such as dentist and osteopaths, calculate and control tariffs, etc…

Whereas the previous generation of applications was actually a set of data silos with their own look-and-feel, the new apps benefit from a future ready multitier architecture. Both web apps and mobile apps can now consume web services to access a central data-store. This increases reuse of components and improves management of data.

Nascom has designed the new layered architecture and developed the service catalogue and corresponding JSON REST webservices in Ruby on Rails.