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  1. 1. Brand Personality
  2. 4. In-store presence
  3. 2. Logo design and brand name
  4. 5. Site mockups + early prototypes
  5. 3. Packaging design
  6. 6. Final designs

where we begin

Brand-new product range

The Novatio product range is widely used in technical repair and maintenance, but also in automotive and other industries. Tec7 is the firm's showpiece, and like other Novatio products, it excells in terms of quality, innovation, efficiency and ease of use.

Novatio sought after a complete repurposing of their product line. Multiple brainstorms with the client lead to the decision to launch a brand-new product range, aimed at the professional bike market. Novatio appointed Michel De Coster ( as an external consultant to help build up this brand-new business.

The brand promise ‘change the way people treat their bike’ was quite ambitious. But we had Novatio’s expertise to back it up. Throughout the entire process, we stayed true to our philosophy to ‘keep it simple’.

With the help of Novatio, we identified 5 products to put forward on the market and named them: Clean, Shine & Protect, Degrease, Lubricate dry and Lubricate wet.

Novatio - innovators in maintenance !

Business case
& content analysis

How to put these products in the hands of the right people?

Preferred choice of Lotto Belisol

Bike7 has been developed for people who put performance, quality and sustainability first. That's why there's a perfect match with the Lotto Belisol Cycling Team. Their decision to use Bike7 as their official supplier for 2012 is an important first step to launch the new product line with the credibility it deserves.

Marc Sergeant (Director of Sports): "A cyclist needs to concentrate on the competition. He needs his bike in perfect technical condition at all times. Bike7 immediately emanates confidence, which means one less worry." The innovation culture of Novatio combined with its international ambition suits Lotto Belisol's objectives like a glove.

Lotto Belisol Cycling Team

The team

As we were covering everything from defining brand strategy, down to package design and in-store presence, we assembled a multi-disciplinary team to work on this project. We needed the involvement of our best technically skilled people, UX specialists, designers, marketing strategists etc. to complete the puzzle.

We worked closely together not only internally, but also with the client. This co-creative way of working gave us the opportunity to integrate Novatio's expertise in the field. The frequent input from Novatio was crucial, as they are experts in their field. We made sure we remained on the same wavelength by organizing workshops. An open communication was the key to make this work.

the team
the team

Customer journey

What we offered our client here is full service design. That means that we design according to the needs of customers and participants, to make a product or service as user-friendly, competitive and relevant as possible. We always go for a user-centered approach.

When a customer interacts with a specific product or service, this can be seen as a journey. We created a visual representation of this customer journey by describing the different milestones that characterize every interaction with the product.

Market analysis Building empathy with our customers

Market analysis

To get a better idea of the market situation, we looked at the competition to see where we could make a difference.

We learned that everyone else offered a wide range of (up to 30) products to repair and maintain bikes. Launching only 5 products that can achieve the same goal was the unique selling point we needed to focus on.

Customer touch points

Defining customer touch points helps to improve customer experiences, and as a result, customer relations. But what is a touch point? It's defined as all physical, communication and human interactions a customer will experience during his relationship cycle with a brand or organisation. Whether it's an advertisement, website, sales person, store or Facebook page; each touch point is equally important, because a customer will form perceptions of a brand based on his cumulative perceptions.

Sequencing all possible touch points where users might interact with Bike7 helps us to construct an engaging story. As a general rule, we always put a strong focus on the emotions that accompany these interactions. It's all about showing empathy, and setting the right vibe.

Customer touch points

Working with personas

For us to create the most accurate story, we need to get to know the customer. We need to get under his skin, so we can understand what he feels, how he thinks. All in view of creating the best user experience we can offer him.

A proven technique that helps us get a better picture of the typical end user is to create personas. To appeal to all stakeholders in this project, we distinguished 3 different user groups: the bike stores (product packs will be used here for maintenance, but will also be offered for sale), end customers (bike lovers who like to go biking every weekend and spend an important amount of money on their bike, which they consider priceless) and sales representatives.

Personas are based on extensive research and interviews with real persons interacting with the brand.

Working with personas
Allright, time to start creating!

Brand personality

Creating a brand from the ground up

Defining the personality of a brand requires in-depth analysis. How is it positioned in the market? What are its values and characteristics? With the help of Novatio's valuable input, we mapped out a marketing plan and gave recommendations for the launch.

The brand should emanate superior quality, extreme power and passion, and aim at a very specific target group. Just like passionate cyclists, Bike7 values endurance, dedication, striving for perfection and excellence.

Lotto Belisol If Bike7 were a person, who would it be?
Eddy Merckx Virtuos
The essence of the logo is the number '7'. It should be the anchor, and can be used on it's own as a visual element.

Visual identity

Brand name and logo design

Finding the brand name was a very logical development. We used the popular Tec7 as our starting point. It has very high top-of-mind awareness and we wanted to continue on this trend. Using a 7 in the name seemed obvious.

We wanted a name that was straightforward,
simple and easy to remember.
Bike7 was born.

bike7 Final output
Brandbook, moodboards and early communication protype material
about this brandguideline


How do we make Bike7 stand out?

We wanted to create high impact on point of sales. Bike7 should stick out from the competition, whose packaging is generally very busy.

Based on our initial AD presentation, Peter Van Riet worked out multiple proposals for packaging and POS material. Our design team picked out the best ones and applied the defined visual identity.
We opted for clean looking tubes, with an edgy design that still represents the products' superior quality and high performance aspect.

The holy grail Packaging design<  
Identifiable products

Identifiable products

Bike7 was still an unknown brand, so we were challenged to find a way to make it very recognizable. How could we show the difference between the products? We placed the Bike7 logo as a label on top of the packaging. By making the product name very dominant, the products instantly became identifiable.

We only had a few usable elements to create a composition that would reflect Bike7's identity. We wanted to add a cycling-specific feature to it. After trying different approaches, we went for a subtle reference to the spokes of a bike, and added them on all the packaging.

  Color coding

Color coding

An important factor in making the different products within the Bike7 family identifiable was to give each product a different colour code.
We started from the official colours of the International Cycling Union and added a few complementary colours to complete the set.

In-store presence

How to make the difference in Bike shops?

Concept phase

After we had determined the brand and visual identity, we looked for a consistent way to present the products inside the stores.

Since the competition wasn't focusing on the physical appeal of their products, we decided to make Bike7 stand out. At a glance, Bike7 products must reflect their high quality and functional assets.

We asked Peter Van Riet to help us out with concept and sketching. We closely monitored this process, watching over the look & feel that we had envisioned.

Concept phase
Carry home solution

Exploring options

To present Bike7 to the public, we needed displays for real life touch points (stores). We approached bike shop owners to find out what was important to them as well as their customers.

We tried out different options. We liked the idea that Bike7 maintenance products could also be considered as a present someone would like to receive. We developed a Bike7 'Care pack', containing all 5 products, in a handy cardboard container.

Handling and packagind solutionHandling and packagind solution

Handling and packaging solution

Different ideas for shop displays were explored. This happened in close co-operation with shop owners, who gave us relevant feedback and practical tips. The end result: a sophisticated metal display containing all 5 Bike7 products.

At the same time, we wanted to maximize brand visibility as much as possible, also outside of the shops. We tried to cover as many touch points as possible, and wanted to extend Bike7's identity and philosophy here as well.

Information architecture Information architecture Information architecture Cool bike rack display

Web Architecture

Crafting an online user experience

Information architecture

Wireframes are the basic schematic illustrations of a webpage or interface. They're used to show the general layout and priorities of elements on the page before visual design and content is added.

For the public part of Bike7 this was pretty straightforward because of the limited amount of content and simple structure. This created room for us to research the assets we were using, and investigate how we could make them support the brand the most.

The private section of Bike7 requires a login and is only accessible to dealers.

Information Architecture
Customers stories User stories - Customer
Sales manager stories Users Stories - Sales, Sales Manager and Logistics

Defining user stories

The first step, even before creating the wireframes, was to map out the different user stories. A user story is a functional description that defines the rights of every user. Listing them at the beginning rules out the risk of overlooking a specific functionality in the wireframe.

By defining 'user can' definitions, we can easily determine what a certain user can or cannot do within the site. Different users can have different rights. We did the exercise together with Novatio for both customers (bike shop owners) and sales managers.

Retailer zone

This part of the website is only accessible to dealers. After logging in, they can manage and view their stock of Bike7 products. If their stock is almost depleted, they can easily place a new order using this tool.

In the user stories, we clearly defined the rights of a retailer, based on his personal input. We made it very easy for him to access the information and contact the correct sales representatives directly.

Retailer zone

Sales dashboard

Retailers can also use their login to monitor their sales figures. The built-in dashboard gives them all the necessary tools to stay informed of their latest sales, incoming orders and customer details.

Sales dashboard Sales dashboard

Public site

Our overall strategy was to keep it simple. The Bike7 website must translate this as well. We kept the interface very clean and simple, and purposely put the focus on the products, acting as heroes on the website.

This is the place where a customer can easily find all the info he needs to maintain his bike: what is Bike7? How do I use the products? Where can I buy them?

At the same time we added an important experience element. The black & white images and videos gave a very strong impression of the brand and therefore deserved a prominent position.

HomepageDealer Locator

Final design

In the fury of the battle

Your bike deservers it

As we were putting forward a premium product line, the design must also reflect its high quality. The site was therefore built up very minimalistically with a clear focus on the products. Geometrical forms and large typography kept the overall design very clean and defined.

To maximize the experience factor, we suggested emotional involvement with Bike7 as a brand. Large black and white imagery of cyclists in the fury of the battle instantly set the tone on the different pages. Parallax scrolling creates an illusion of depth and ads to the immersion.

Your bike deservers it Your bike deservers itYour bike deservers it Your bike deservers it