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Omnichannel world

Forget multichannel! We are living in a new and omnichannel world. This means that your targets pick their communication channels and that an online and digital experience is much more than a singular event. It is actually a series of touch points that result in actual behaviour.

We are different and believe we are uniquely positioned between business and ICT. About half of us root in a User Experience, Design or Business & Marketing background. The other half is purely technical and into software development. Together, we create a perfect symbiosis.

T-shaped profiles

For successful digital projects, a strong emphatic level of the project team members is crucial. Therefore, Nascom invests in so called T-shaped profiles. Our team members excel in a prime skill (the vertical part of the T): they are technical wizards, developers or Prince-2 certified Project Managers.

But they also excel in other disciplines and show large interest in what happens beyond their domain of expertise (horizontal part of the T). In this way, they are able to apply insights, recognize patterns and accept angles and perspectives. The result is a continuous attempt for user delight and innovative ideas.

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our offices

We are located at the historical C-mine site in Genk and also have a sales office in Antwerp. Check the contact page for addresses and directions.
Ever since we moved to the C-mine site, we've been extremely proud of our office. We fell in love with the contradiction between the old mine site and the advanced technology of our industry. Our office is open and flexible and comes with the freedom to live and change: regularly we modify the layout and the interior … because we can. Currently, our meeting rooms have different styles and identities. Each comes with its own distinctive name (MacGyver, Benny Lava, Waldorf & Statler and Frodo).
More pics can be found here.