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We @nascom are always on the lookout for exceptional talent. No matter what you do, or what your area of expertise is; if you're passionate about what you do, you can do great things.

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Do you believe you would be a great asset to us? Don't hesitate to drop us a note. Leave your CV and spontaneous motivation and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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  • Nascom is looking for a Drupal Developer!

    We @nascom are always on the lookout for exceptional talent. At this moment we hope to discover a (not too) serious Drupal developer, ready to take on some challenging projects together with the rest of the team.
  • Nascom is looking for a Front-end developer (HTML / CSS / JS)

    Nascom is currently looking for a new Front-end developer. Is building anything a web browser allows you to right up your alley? From responsive websites to mobile web applications? Then you should definitely join our team! Because we have an empty seat for a Front-end developer.
  • Nascom is looking for a UX Designer

    Aside from creating UX deliverables, you will be responsible for strategy and conceptual thinking. In the end, your task is to align all stakeholders within digital service design projects.

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You are a freelance Drupal developer, front-end wizard or copywriter and always looking for fun and challenging projects without emotionally attaching yourself to an employer? Send us your CV including a list of your skills and a brief description of your latest interesting projects. We will put you on top of our list and contact you whenever we need your experience for relevant short or mid-term projects.

By the way, if you're still looking for a cool place to work and get inspired by your peers, Nascom can totally help you out.

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Not all internships are equal. Some are really just part-time temp jobs with unchallenging busy work that an employer would rather not assign to staff. This is not the case at Nascom: our interns (or stagaires) become part of a team and work on a real problem or (internal) project. You will learn. A lot. And maybe, you can return after being graduated.

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