Duo and Nascom joined forces

Duo and Nascom joined forces

Lately, we’ve been quiet but all with good reason. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on developing the future of our agency. It was a decision we couldn’t tackle lightly but now we can finally make the announcement.

On January 15 Nascom and Duo officially joined forces. Because of this cooperation we became an organisation which will be on top of the digital market in Flanders. The organisation counts about 55 employees with offices in Bruges, Antwerp & Genk. We continue to strengthen our local position and at the same time we have also improved our field of action. We will continue to work under our own brand in our own style and service but we’ll be sharing our knowhow, people, offices and resources with Duo.


About Duo

Duo was founded in 1996 and belongs to the pioneers of the Belgium web. In the past 20 years, the company has grown into a full service digital agency which specialises in web, mobile and online marketing. With 40 employees, Duo works as a digital partner for companies such as McDonalds, Barry Callebaut, Willy Naessens and many more. More information can be found on www.duo.be.


A new start for Nascom

2016 will be a new beginning for Nascom and we’re filled with enthusiasm to start a new chapter. Not only did we find a strong partner within Duo who shares our values and vision, but we’ve also gained new colleagues who will assist us when needed. Duo will help us grow in mobile apps, service desk and online marketing while Nascom will improve Duo in service design and Drupal. Together we stand strong and we’re sure that 2016 will be a year to remember for both Duo, Nascom and you.